Mahabharata for Youngsters – the Story and the Classes to Study


Mahabharata for Kids – the Story and the Lessons to Learn

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Mahabharata is a literary treasure and a mix of Hindu mythology and philosophy. It’s thought-about to be for adults solely. However this nice epic is greater than that. Its diversified tales and plenty of characters have an attraction for the kids too. The truth is, it’s a treasure trove for right this moment’s era raised on Harry Potter and likewise tales. It has numerous tales that educate priceless classes in ethics and morality. This nice epic is part of our tradition and may have a rightful place within the hearts of our children.

What’s Mahabharata?

It is likely one of the two main Hindu Mythological Sanskrit epics of India. It’s the narration of the nice eighteen-day Kurukshetra conflict between the hundred Kauravas and the 5 Pandavas, the children of two brothers. Interwoven with many tales and a large number of characters, it includes philosophical and devotional materials. It additionally comprises the Bhagwat Gita, the a lot revered Hindu non secular textual content. Mahabharat will not be meant to be learn as a pastime for amusement. You must delve deeply into it and perceive the characters and their actions and reactions. As soon as concerned within the story, you will see your self enjoying out so many roles, figuring out one thing related with the characters as they seem within the story.

Mahabharata Story – in Brief

The story begins with Hastinapur’s King Shantanu of the Kuru dynasty marrying river Goddess Ganga. Bhishma, one of many outstanding characters in Mahabharata, was their son. Ganga left them to hold out her godly duties, and Shantanu married Satyavati and had two sons together with her. Vichitravirya, one of many sons, turned the king after him. He fathered three sons, Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidur. Dhritarashtra being blind, Pandu turned the king supported by Bhishma.

Dhritarashtra married Gandhari and had 100 sons, the Kauravas. Pandu married Kunti and Madri, and with the blessings of various gods, the 5 Pandavas have been born. Unknown to everybody, Kunti was already an unwed mom to her oldest son, Karna.

Having introduced prosperity to his kingdom, Pandu determined to retire to the forest, entrusting the dominion to the care of Dhritarashtra. After Pandu and Madri’s demise, Kunti got here again to Hastinapur with the 5 boys. The cousins, Kauravas, and Pandavas by no means received alongside. There have been failed makes an attempt by the Kauravas to kill them. And after one such conspiracy, the Pandavas with their mom went into hiding. On this interval, Arjun married Draupadi, and so they all went again to Hastinapur. However they have been exiled to the forest for 13 years when in a sport of cube, Yudhishthir misplaced every thing to the Kauravas. On their return, Duryodhana refused to provide again the dominion, and the stage was set for the best battle regardless of Lord Krishna’s makes an attempt to convey peace. The conflict went on for eighteen days and ended with the defeat of the Kauravas. Yudhishthir was topped the King.

Mahabharata for Kids – the Story and the Lessons to Learn

Mahabharata Tales for Kids

This prolonged epic has a whole bunch of tales, many for the children additionally. Listed below are some well-known Mahabharata tales for kids.

1. Arjun and the Fowl’s Eye Check

The Kauravas and the Pandavas got an archery take a look at by their Guru, Dronacharya. They have been requested to intention on the eye of a toy hen on the department of a tree. When the instructor requested them what they noticed, excluding Arjun, all others claimed to see the sky, timber, the hen, the leaves, the branches, and many others. Solely Arjun mentioned that he simply noticed the blackness of the hen’s eye. Solely he was permitted to shoot on the goal, which he did efficiently.

2. Abhimanyu and the Chakravyuh

Abhimanyu, whereas in his mom’s womb, had discovered easy methods to break the Chakravyuh, an intricate battle formation. On the thirteenth day of the nice battle, the sixteen-year-old youth fought bravely towards the skilled, a lot older warriors and reached the centre of the round formation the place Duryodhana was. The Kauravas rushed to save lots of Duryodhana and attacked Abhimanyu. Sadly, Abhimanyu had not discovered easy methods to exit the formation. He put up an incredible struggle and killed many nice warriors earlier than he himself was killed.

3. Eklavya and Dronacharya

Eklavya, a tribal boy was refused to be taken as a disciple to study archery by Guru Dronacharya who taught solely the Kshatriyas and the Brahmins. Undeterred, he saved a clay picture of Dronacharya earlier than him and practised archery turning into very proficient in it. As soon as, disturbed by the barking of a canine, he shot arrows in its mouth to close it up with out hurting it. When this feat got here into the discover of Arjun, he was upset that there was a greater archer than he was. Not desirous to have a rival archer towards Arjuna and observing that Eklavya had his picture because the instructor, Dronacharya requested him for Guru Dakshina, the providing to be made to the instructor. On being requested what he may supply, Dronacharya requested for his proper thumb figuring out nicely that with out the thumb he couldn’t shoot. With out hesitation, Eklavya minimize his thumb with a knife and positioned it on the Guru’s toes. With this deed, he immortalized himself because the epitome of a great pupil.

4. The Story of King Shibi

King Shibi was recognized for his truthfulness, being simply, and preserving his phrase. The gods Agni and Indra determined to check these qualities. They assumed the types of a dove and a hawk, the latter pursuing the previous. The dove sought safety with Shibi, who promised to save lots of him. The hawk in anger accused him of depriving him of his rightful food. The king, in reply, supplied flesh from his personal physique to appease his starvation. The hawk requested for flesh equal to the burden of the dove. A steadiness was introduced, and the king began chopping flesh from his physique, however the dove appeared to be getting heavier with every bit. Lastly, the king himself sat within the steadiness providing his complete physique. At this, the gods got here into their actual kinds granting him many boons and the gods above, a witness to this take a look at, showered him with flowers and reward.

Ethical Classes for Kids from Mahabharata

  • Be centered, and you’ll all the time succeed.
  • A instructor can information you and encourage you, however observe will make you good.
  • Maintain good firm. Unhealthy buddies will result in your downfall.
  • Respect girls. The disrespect proven to girls will convey disasters upon you.
  • Don’t bask in vices like playing. You’ll find yourself shedding every thing.
  • Don’t quit simply. Combat for what’s rightfully yours. Reality all the time wins in the long run.
  • Don’t apply half-learned information to your actions. It can solely result in failure.
  • Don’t help the mistaken acts of your shut buddies and family. It can convey hassle upon you as nicely.
  • Don’t search revenge. Vengeance spells the tip for the seeker and the sought each.
  • Struggle is rarely good. Issues will be resolved with dialogue.

Like all nice epics, Mahabharata is the story of victory of fine towards evil. The phrase ‘Mahabharata’ has change into synonymous with any nice confrontation in day after day life additionally. However its ethical classes might be synonymous with the fitting and truthful lifestyle for years and years to return.

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