DIY Play-Doh Butterfly


DIY Play-Doh Butterfly

Summer time holidays imply loads of time to get inventive together with your baby! And one of the best half, there’s a lot you’ll be able to be taught from one another. So right here’s an all-time favorite exercise involving Play-Doh. Create your personal little butterfly, add a contact of your creativeness and prepare to have tons of enjoyable collectively!

Play-Doh Butterfly

Stuff you want

  • Blue Play-Doh
  • Inexperienced Play-Doh
  • Orange Play-Doh
  • White Play-Doh
  • Crimson Play-Doh
  • Black Play-Doh


Minimize a small a part of orange play-doh and roll it out cylindrically in a sausage form. Minimize Four equal elements from this and roll them into small equi-sized balls.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly
DIY Play-Doh Butterfly2. Now, let’s work on creating the physique of the butterfly. For this, seize some inexperienced play-doh and roll it out evenly such that the ends are barely tapering and extra slender than the center.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly3. Take these Four orange play-doh balls and flatten them- two smaller and two comparatively greater in dimension.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly4. Return to the inexperienced play-doh roll and minimize it in two small elements. One can be used to create the pinnacle of the butterfly whereas the opposite one will make up the physique.

5. Roll out the half that makes the physique in such a approach that the highest is barely thicker than the underside. Press the roll gently to flatten the floor

6. With the opposite inexperienced half, roll it right into a mini-marble sized ball to create the pinnacle.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly

7. Now, it’s time to assemble the items collectively. Take the larger orange disks and place them subsequent to one another leaving some area within the center. The smaller orange disks can be positioned proper under the larger ones. These will make the wings of the butterfly.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly8. Take the inexperienced roll and place it between the orange disks and stick the inexperienced ball on prime of the physique to create the pinnacle.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly9. Time to beautify the wings now. Take a bit of blue play-doh, roll it out horizontally and minimize small elements to roll them into beads. Stick these little beads over the wings (orange disks) to make them look fairly. You possibly can experiment with completely different patterns for this step.
DIY Play-Doh Butterfly
DIY Play-Doh Butterfly10. Create the eyes by taking a bit of white play-doh, rolling and reducing it into two small balls. Guarantee each are equal in dimension. Stick them on the pinnacle of the butterfly.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly11. Roll out a skinny strip of the purple play-doh to create the antennas of the butterfly. Bend it’s a large ‘U’ form and place it over the pinnacle of the butterfly.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly
DIY Play-Doh Butterfly12. To offer the butterfly’s eyes extra definition, roll out two tiny black play-doh balls (of the scale of a seed) and stick it over the white half.

DIY Play-Doh Butterfly13. There, your fairly little butterfly is prepared!
DIY Play-Doh Butterfly

How is This Exercise Helpful for Your Baby?

Aside from being plenty of enjoyable, this exercise might help with enhancing your child’s advantageous motor abilities as they minimize, roll, squish, squash and flatten. It strengthens muscle tone of their little palms. Apart from, this additionally helps in differentiating between colors and builds an inclination in the direction of inventive pondering.

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Enjoyable tip: So as to add a bit of extra color to the butterfly, you’ll be able to beautify the wings through the use of 2-Three colored beads!

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