27 Weeks Pregnant: What to Count on


27 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

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  • Stomach at 27 Weeks of Being pregnant
  • 27th Week Ultrasound
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The 27th week of being pregnant marks the tip of the 2nd trimester. The baby’s head is now as massive as a head of lettuce. The excellent news is that in case you went into untimely labour right now, the baby would have an excellent probability of survival (85%), though there could also be some medical help required after delivery.

Your Child’s Progress Throughout Being pregnant – Week 27

There are fairly a number of developments within the baby by the 27th week of being pregnant like:

  • The baby shall be opening her eyes and their eye lashes would have fashioned.
  • The baby will begin practising respiration actions though they’re nonetheless within the amniotic sac.
  • Infants have about 15% fats on their physique at this stage, which is able to develop to 30% by the point they’re born.
  • The baby’s heartbeat would have turn out to be sturdy by now and may be heard via the baby bump.

Every of the baby’s actions throughout this section lasts for a number of seconds and it’s important so that you can loosen up and luxuriate in every of it.

What’s the Child’s Dimension

The baby’s dimension at 27 weeks is about 36 cms, and he/she weighs 875 gms. The baby is ready to distinguish between evening and day and the mind can be on the ultimate stage of growth.

Throughout this time you’ll discover that the baby is growing its personal sleeping patterns. It is a regular factor and medical doctors recommend that your resting schedule ought to coincide together with your baby’s as a lot as doable.

Frequent Physique Adjustments

The physique adjustments in the course of the third trimester of being pregnant are geared toward getting ready for labour and supply.

  • Breathlessness: Because the uterus grows it places strain in your higher chest resulting from which you might have respiration issues (shortness of breath)
  • Oedema: Throughout this time, aside out of your stomach dimension growing you’ll expertise swelling within the ankle, toes and arms. This situation is called oedema and is precipitated resulting from fluid retention within the physique. Fluid retention is precipitated as a result of elevated blood movement and uterine strain. In case of extreme swelling it is best to seek the advice of your physician as this can be resulting from a situation known as preeclampsia. To get aid from swelling it is best to keep away from standing or sitting for lengthy durations. It’s possible you’ll attempt to do some applicable train like yoga or swimming. This situation is non permanent in nature and can go away utterly as soon as the baby is born.
  • Itchiness: Your pores and skin perhaps stretching to its restrict, inflicting it to itch.
  • Dry Pores and skin: It’s best to keep away from showering in scorching water as a result of it could dry your pores and skin.
  • Exhaustion: It’s possible you’ll really feel drained on a regular basis. Nonetheless, when you attempt to sleep chances are you’ll discover it troublesome. Therefore it is best to contain your self in actions that make you sleepy.

27 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Signs of Being pregnant at Week 27

By the 27th week, your baby would have turn out to be giant sufficient so that you can really feel her actions. A number of the frequent signs that girls really feel in the course of the 27th week of being pregnant are:

  • Exhaustion – It’s possible you’ll really feel psychological and bodily fatigue due to the adjustments occurring in your physique.
  • Pelvic strain and ache within the decrease again – It’s possible you’ll expertise cramping within the stomach as a result of elevated weight of the uterus.
  • Vaginal discharge – There might in enhance or change within the vaginal discharge which can be watery or bloody.
  • Extreme stomach ache and tenderness – The rising stomach might really feel sore and tender typically.
  • Ache or burning throughout urination – Lack of sufficient water might trigger ache or burning throughout urination
  • Braxton Hicks contractions – Additionally known as false labour, these contractions put together the muscular tissues of the stomach for labour.
  • Blurry imaginative and prescient and headache.
  • Swelling or puffiness within the face, ankles, toes and acquire in weight – These are signs of Oedema, a situation the place the physique retains water.
  • Dizziness together with a rise within the heartbeat – Because the blood quantity will increase, the guts is working more durable to pump it, and this may increasingly result in fast heartbeat and dizziness.
  • Respiration downside with coughing of blood – The pressure on the lung resulting from lowering house and elevated want for oxygen might trigger respiration issues.
  • Extreme constipation with diarrhoea – Because the house obtainable for the digestive organs decreases so does the effectivity of the digestive system.
  • Itching within the physique – That is brought on by stretching of the pores and skin.
  • Cramping within the legs – The elevated weight of the uterus impedes blood-flow resulting in cramps.

27 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Stomach at 27 Weeks of Being pregnant

It’s wholesome to achieve round 6 to 12 kilograms throughout this time. In case you’ve got gained extra weight too rapidly, then it’s advisable that you just decelerate a little bit. You have to be conscious that the calorie requirement throughout this time is just 300-500 per day.

Because the baby has grown fairly a bit you could possibly be experiencing the kicks and hiccups within the 27th week of being pregnant.

27th Week Ultrasound

27 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

In case your being pregnant is uncomplicated until now then you’ll not must go for a prenatal appointment or ultrasound in the course of the 27th week.

Your baby would have began to breathe and her mind may also be lively now.

What to Eat

It’s best to proceed to take care of a nutritious diet to make sure that you and the baby get satisfactory vitamin. Here’s a fast take a look at 27th week being pregnant meals that are good for you:

  • It’s best to drink at the least 12 glasses of fluid in a day. It will forestall urinary tract infections, and relieve constipation which is frequent throughout being pregnant.
  • Dairy merchandise, inexperienced leafy greens, pulses, sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts and figs are excessive sources of calcium and protein. Calcium and protein are useful in growing the baby’s bones and enamel.

27 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Suggestions & Care

Listed here are few suggestions that are certain that will help you take excellent care of your self on this interval


  • Staying wholesome – It’s best to keep good well being throughout being pregnant, the important thing to which is solely making certain a nutrient-rich weight-reduction plan.
  • Handle your weight-reduction plan – Eat wholesome to make sure the expansion and growth of the baby.
  • Hygiene – Sustaining private hygiene by holding the environment clear and growing good hygiene are extraordinarily essential with a purpose to forestall infections.
  • Train –It’s best to do workouts which might be appropriate for this section of being pregnant. This helps you keep weight and confidence, and scale back any discomfort that you could be expertise in being pregnant (like constipation, backache). Exercising makes the childbirth course of smoother too! Nonetheless, it is best to at all times seek the advice of your physician and train below a licensed coach.
  • Destress – It’s best to avoid stress and anxiousness as it could have an antagonistic bodily influence on you.


  • Keep away from extra sugar and salt – Consuming an excessive amount of sugar and salt might result in gestational diabetes.
  • Lower down on caffeine – Caffeine tends to dehydrate your physique therefore it is best to keep away from consuming it and shift to more healthy choices like inexperienced tea that are antioxidants.
  • Rush – It’s advisable to decelerate as you deal with your every day duties. Your growing weight and the rising baby might make you unstable, growing your possibilities of falls or accidents.

What You Have to Store for

Since you might be nearly on the final section of your being pregnant it is best to begin planning to buy issues chances are you’ll require:

  • Begin searching for equipment for the baby nursery and for baby furnishings.
  • Begin searching for issues you’ll require on the hospital and at dwelling like nursing bras, nightwear, baby garments, a automotive seat, diapers and wipes.

27 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

Though this is without doubt one of the least essential issues proper now, chances are you’ll wish to take into consideration postpartum contraception. This could be a choice you wish to take earlier than the baby is born.


The 27th week is a superb milestone for you and the baby as it’s the starting of the ultimate section. There’s a sense of pleasure and happiness for the dad and mom and grandparents because the due date approaches. Revel within the promise of pleasure that childbirth brings and equip your self effectively sufficient to deal with the non permanent discomforts on the best way.

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